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GUnit Beta Release
    worldmaker - 2004-05-09 20:06   -   Gold Parser .NET
WorldMaker.Util.GUnit, a General Unit Testing framework focused for GOLD grammar building (alongside the console interfaces to GOLD Builder), has been released as beta.
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GoldEd Alpha Release
    worldmaker - 2004-01-20 18:30   -   Gold Parser .NET
Built a simple proof of concept "editor" (syntax highlighter) for Gold Grammars that uses the existing CGT and GSS (from GoldDot) files.
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GoldParser and GSS Changes
    worldmaker - 2004-01-12 20:44   -   Gold Parser .NET
EvParser, a delegate-based wrapper of the existing Parser class, was added to GoldParser, simplifying (IMO) much of the code necessary in parsing a script. Also, GSS was rewritten to take advantage of the new techniques. I may release updated compiled assemblies shortly, but the changes should already be in CVS. Documentation needs to be updated, but hasn't been yet...
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GoldDot b3
    worldmaker - 2004-01-04 14:54   -   Gold Parser .NET
Beta 3 release of GoldDot (along with the requisite GoldParser and GSS DLLs). All major functionality should now be in place, and the final release should be around the corner.
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GoldDotNet Webpage
    worldmaker - 2004-01-03 16:43   -   Gold Parser .NET
A simple, yet robust, webpage has now been posted to replace the temporary version.
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The .NET implementation of the GOLD Parser Engine.
C# Utility that produces GraphViz DOT files using the GoldParser and GSS Language.
Open Source (simplified) CSS-like language. This C# implementation relies on the GoldParser and makes use of .NET Reflection for some "auto-magic". It is used fairly extensively by GoldDot.

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