Generic StyleSheets Reflection

GSS makes use of .NET reflection to provide for automatic features.

Property Evaluation

The doGss() function evaluates the public properties of an object reference, checks for that property in its rule dictionary, and if found, attempts to set it to the value it finds.

Path Evaluation

First followed is the object's FullName. Secondly, the calling namespace and the objects class name as an instance. Example:

WorldMaker.Util.GoldDot.Console calls doGss on a WorldMaker.Util.GoldDot.ParseTree instance. It looks for each property under (from general to specific):

  1. WorldMaker
  2. WorldMaker.Util
  3. WorldMaker.Util.GoldDot
  4. WorldMaker.Util.GoldDot.ParseTree
  5. WorldMaker.#ParseTree
  6. WorldMaker.Util.#ParseTree
  7. WorldMaker.Util.GoldDot.#ParseTree
  8. WorldMaker.Util.GoldDot.Console.#ParseTree

Self Propagation

If an object, when passed to doGss(), has a public GssParser property, the Gss Parser will attempt to set it to a reference of itself.

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